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Discover the 7 core steps that make up a simple, effective, and affordable Marketing System.  This has the potential to revolutionize not only how you market your practice but more importantly how profitable your practice will be.  Download your free copy now.


What Dentists Say...

Dr Jesse Chai - Dental Marketing Heroes Client

“Taking this systematic approach radically changed the course of our practice”

Dr. Jesse Chai

Jake DaBell - Orthodontist at DaBell & Paventy Orthodontics

“From strategic planning to implementation, they make the process easy and effective.”

Dr. Jake DaBell


What’s Inside the Book?

Strategy Before Tactics

Without strategy your tactics will surely fail.  Learn why this is true and how you can leverage the power of strategy to guide your marketing tactics.

This chapter is vital to every dental practice!

The Marketing Hourglass

Every prospective patient is on a buyers journey, they want to find the very best dentist for themselves and their family.  The Marketing Hourglass is a framework to effectively reach them and guide them through this journey.

Create A Total Web Presence

Your website should be working as your 24x7 salesperson and is your central hub for all your online marketing.  But your online presence encompasses more than your website.  What does your current online presence say and how can you fix it?

About the Author

John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a prolific marketing author and speaker.  His groundbreaking book 'Duct Tape Marketing - The Worlds Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide has been in print since 2006 and has seen several updated reprints to reflect changes in the industry.  It's longevity as a top small business marketing book bears witness to the timeless teachings found in this book.

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7 Steps To Dental Practice Marketing Success Cover Download