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5 Free Marketing Ideas You Can Start Immediately!

Is your marketing budget tiny – or non-existent? It’s a common problem with local businesses who put everything they make into inventory and payroll. Which is why I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite free marketing ideas for you to try.

1. Publish a Newsletter

Email marketing is easy and affordable. If you have a small list, you can manage it using a free version of autoresponder software – and a newsletter is a great way to keep people informed about your business. Newsletter articles can be very short, even as short as 100 or 150 words. Your goal should be to keep people updated on what’s happening with your business. You can also use it to preview new products and services

2. Encourage and Respond to Reviews

Over 76% of consumers check youR reviews before making a purchase. So you already know that reviews are important. And you can use these reviews to your advantage without spending any money. First, you can encourage your existing customers to leave reviews of your business by asking them in person or in an email. You can also link to your review pages from your website. Once people post reviews, make sure to reply to all reviews, positive and negative, to show reviewers that you care about their opinions.

3. Film or Write Customer Testimonials

It’s a fact – video testimonials convert! People are happy to be asked their opinion and many of your customers may be eager to help you out by filming or writing a testimonial. Testimonials can be shared on your website, blog, or on social media once they’re completed. They serve to inform people about your business and demonstrate what you can do for people who buy your products.

4. Pair Up with Other Business Owners

Whatever your practice specializes in, the chances are good that you know other business owners who sell products or services that complement yours. For example, perhaps you’re a pediatric dentist and there’s an orthodontist in your area that would love to collaborate together. Identify businesses that mesh well with yours and cross-promote each other’s products and services. You can do this for free. You can even offer joint packages or deals to attract more customers.

5. Get Involved in Local Events

Finally, one of the best ways for local businesses to attract new customers is to get involved in local events. Does your town have an annual tree lighting or charity event? Participating can help raise your profile and earn you some goodwill from the people who are most likely to become patients. The key is to find things you can do that won’t cost you anything. If you decide you can spend a little bit, then do it wisely and in a way that will help to attract new patients to your practice.

Marketing doesn’t need to cost a fortune – or anything at all. The 5 free ideas here will help you kick-start your marketing even if your budget is non-existent.

This infographic cover – ‘5 Free Marketing Ideas You Can Start Immediately’ covers these 5 key tips:

Here’s the infographic (click to enlarge):


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