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Get More Leads

You can't get more patients without getting more leads.  Build the sequence of attraction that converts more website visitors into phone calls.

Win & Retain More Patients

Implement the strategies and tactics that turn interested prospects into patients.  Then turn patients into raving fans.

Scale Up Your Practice

Our proven marketing systems grow practices by doing the right things at the right time so that your practice grows and grows.

We help dental practices grow exponentially by solving their marketing equation of strategy, tactics and technology, so that they can serve more patients and do more good in their community and beyond.

Do You Struggle With These Common Dental Marketing Issues?

Practice owners often share that they struggle with various marketing challenges.  Marketing has become a highly complex ecosystem of interrelated and integrated strategies, tactics, and technologies.  It's not surprising then that dentists and orthodontists who are focused on running their practices find marketing confusing, frustrating, and difficult.  If you feel similarly you're not alone.

Just as you hire experts to do your accounting or legal work, it makes a lot of sense to hire experts to do your marketing.  You may have already used marketing vendors that don't communicate well, don't share clear and concise reporting, and leave the owner feeling like they aren't sure what they're paying for or what the results are.  Or maybe each vendor is working well but you're the glue and the director to keep it all moving seamlessly together.  Here are the most common dental marketing issues, see if they resonate with you:

Poor Return On

Many practices invest in marketing but aren't seeing the bottom-line results that justify the expenditure.

Trouble Attracting New Patients

Where's your next patient coming from?  A dependable funnel that delivers new leads and patients is vital to marketing success.

Increasingly Savvy Competition

Most dentists and orthodontists are facing increasing competition from other more marketing savvy practices.

Difficulty Managing Multiple Marketing Vendors

It can be challenging and time consuming to oversee multiple vendors and ensuring everyone's strategically working in the same direction.

Lack of Clarity on What's Working and What's Not

You can't fix what you can't track, and lack of quality data will poorly inform business decisions.

The Complexity of

Successful marketing requires the alignment of all strategies and tactics working together to achieve great results, yet it takes expertise.


You need to know that there's hope, there is a dental marketing agency that wants you to succeed and understands the importance of clear communication and equipping you to make smart marketing decisions for your practice.  That's what we're all about, and we'd love to talk with you about how we can make marketing work for your practice today!

Our Proven Process For Dental Marketing Success


Discover Call
Explore The Fit

We'll take the time to understand your goals and long term aspirations for your practice, determine what's working and what's not, and show you the path to faster growth.


Implement The
Proven Marketing System

Give your marketing a kick-start, get your marketing engine working for you and start attracting, retaining and getting more referrals of ideal patients.  Boom!


Your Own
Marketing Team

Every day we'll be working to help your practice gain greater exposure.  We're here to support you. We'll continuously provide you with the next steps for growth.

"Owners who work with us comment on how easy we make the marketing process, and how powerful the results are!"

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Why Dental Marketing Heroes?

Hi, my name's Ian Cantle and I'm the founder of Dental Marketing Heroes. I started DMH after seeing and fixing the many problems dentists  still have after working with underexperienced, ineffective, or unscrupulous marketers. But I wanted to do more than start a new marketing business, I wanted to create a mechanism for good. For the good of dentists and orthodontists, for the good of their communities, and for the impact they could have on the world if they could significantly grow their practices.

Our goal isn't just to empower good practices to be better marketers and thus grow their revenue (although that is part of the equation for sure). Our goal is to become your partner in growing your practice so that you can  expand your reach to impact more individuals and families, and deeply enrich your communities.

Dental professionals are some of the most highly skilled, competitive and philanthropic people we know, and so are we. We know that if we help good people grow their practices, that their impact in the world will also grow. And that makes us all heroes!

Ian Cantle Founder Dental Marketing Heroes

What Clients Say

"Ian and his team have helped us grow our practice and we are now experiencing the highest patient growth and revenue growth in our history.  Their strategic focus, the alignment of all our marketing efforts, and insightful reporting have made our marketing more effective, our growth faster, and it’s never been easier - because they do it all, and do it with excellence!"

Dr. Jesse Chai | Bradford Family Dentistry

Dr Jesse Chai - Dental Marketing Heroes Client

"Working with Ian and his team has been an outstanding experience. From strategic planning to implementation, they make the process easy and effective. As far as online marketing is concerned, they're the best I've ever worked with."

Dr. Jake DaBell | DaBell Orthodontics

Dr Jake DaBell

Are You A Dental Hero?

We're looking for Heroes! And that's why we carefully select the clients and practices we work with.

To become a client of Dental Marketing Heroes, you must be:

  • Known to offer excellent services and results
  • Looking to contribute meaningfully to your community

We offer exclusive geographic markets

  • Since we're going to help you dominate your local market, we offer help to only one practice within a geographical radius

Every day you serve individuals and families – they look to you for health, beauty and care for their wellbeing. With your practice at its best and with its most expansive reach, you are heroes to those individuals, families and your community. It's your expertise and care that make all the difference. It is our expertise and care that make all the difference too. Partnering with Dental Marketing Heroes will combine your superpower (Dental) with ours (Marketing), that makes us all Heroes!

Are you the right fit for Dental Marketing Heroes
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A Full Suite Of Dental Marketing Services
To Grow Your Practice

You have better things to do than manage multiple marketing vendors!  We offer all the marketing services under one roof with a unified strategic vision that produces great results.

Dental Marketing Catalyst Package

This 'done-for-you' marketing package incorporates the most vital marketing tactics under a cohesive marketing strategy and system.  The results are astounding.  This powerful systematic approach to dental marketing has produced Return on Investment ranging between 5X-10X for our clients with some as high as 30X.

Dental Marketing Strategy First Blueprint

The Strategy First Blueprint provides you with the much needed roadmap to ensure you're performing the marketing activities that will drive you to your growth objectives.

Discover the power of Dental SEO.  Our customized SEO For Dentists Services perform the right activities to move you up to the first page of Google for the best keywords implemented by the Dental Search Engine Optimization Experts.

Learn more about our Dental SEO Services

If you're website isn't driving new patients through your door than you need a new website.  Not only to our websites look amazing, but they are designed to attract and convert visitors into patients. 

Discover our industry leading Dental Web Design Services

Dental Social

Be where your customers and prospects are, it's a simple motto but challenging for most practices to do.  We help you get social media right, making it easier for your team to get more followers and engagement.

Dental Google

Google ads are still the best paid advertising for dentists and orthodontists.  When optimized it puts you in front of qualified buyers when they are looking for you.  We create, manage, and optimize the campaigns for you!

Dental Marketing Audits and Extreme Reporting

One of the biggest challenges dental practitioners tell us about is knowing what marketing is working, and what's not working.  Our experts don't just hand-off reports, we provide key insight analysis to help you make informed decisions.

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