All You Need To Know About Dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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For years we've been helping dentists, orthodontists and medical practitioners across North America dominate online by guiding, creating and executing dental marketing strategies that include content marketing, SEO, inbound strategies and more. Our team is led by an author and authority in local search engine optimization and digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is the vital key to website visibility (also known as getting found on the internet). Most websites are never found. There's a common misconception that 'if you build it they will come', but nothing could be further from the truth. SEO puts your dental practice in front of your ideal patients at the precise moment they are searching for a dentist in your city or town. You can test SEO on your current website right now. We offer a free online SEO report, click here to try it out.

Why Dentist SEO Matters

It's been said that if you're on page 2 on Google then your dental practice doesn't exist to searchers. The statistics support this claim in that only a tiny percentage of web searchers ever go to page two, let alone 3+. So if your competition is on page one and you're not, you are losing a lot of business.

Did you know that organic results (SEO results) are the most profitable clicks to your website? When people are searching for a dentist, even via a referral, they will Google your practice to learn more about you. If they can't find you near the top of the listings they start to wonder why, and whether your better-ranking competitors might be a better choice for their family. Don't let this happen to you.

Certified Dental SEO Experts

Not only are we really good at SEO (and we are), but we stay on the cutting edge of search engine optimization trends, tricks, and techniques so that we can give you the best competitive advantage for your dental practice. We are certified in Digital Marketing Strategy with Duct Tape Marketing Consultants (Master Certified!), Certified Local SEO Expert, SEO For Growth certified consultants (meaning we know SEO inside and out), and we've been named a top national marketing agency. We even wrote a book on the subject (more info below).

UpCity National Excellence Award Winner
UpCity Top Web Design Agency
Certified Local SEO Expert - Duct Tape Marketing
Duct Tape Marketing Master Certified Consultant
Amazon Best Seller Marketing

SEO Is More Than Keywords

Great search results are driven by content, engagement, and relevance that a business helps Google know about. SEO, the optimization part of it, is all about making the connections for Google about which content relates to the most important and popular searches by your ideal patients.

The truth is that search results are impacted by a host of interconnected elements now. In order for your practice to beat the competition you need to have a solid SEO strategy that employs all of these important elements so that you rise to the top of the rankings quickly, and stay there.

A Dental SEO Strategy

What every dental practice needs is a dental SEO strategy plan that is a blueprint for what will be done each and every month in order to successfully move your business up the rankings. Part of this plan includes the determination of what key metrics you'll track so that you know when you've reached your goal. We are dental SEO experts and can show you how we would help you get there!

Dental SEO Diagram of Elements
Dentist Web Design Samples - Bradford Family Dentistry

Dental WordPress Experts

The Dental Marketing Heroes team believes WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) for dental clinics' SEO. WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly and supports our SEO best practices with the right tools. This site is a WordPress website. We build custom, high-performing, attractive, conversion-focused, and SEO-ready websites. We leverage the best tools that empower your team to be able to make updates to the website without incurring additional expense.

It's not just that we know WordPress inside and out, it's that over the years we've determined the very best tools, plugins, themes, and methods for maximizing patient attraction, engagement, and conversion. So if you want a website that will outperform your competitors, then we're your super-team.

Social Media & Internet Marketing For Dentists

Search Engine Optimization touches almost every area of your business. Not only does it drive sales, but it is no longer just an on-site form of marketing. In order to rank well on Google you must look at the broader marketing strategies you employ for your dental practice. Social Media, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, GoogleMyBusiness, and online directories all play an important role in your overall internet visibility and online reputation.

Most dental practices struggle with creating a social media plan that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. We'll help you create a social media plan, content calendar, and even help you with day-to-day implementation to ensure you get the highest return on investment.

We Wrote The Book On SEO

Content Marketing For Local Search Book Cover

Seach Engine Optimization is such a vital marketing channel for business growth that we wrote a book on the topic.  'Content Marketing For Local Search - Creating Content That Google Loves And Prospects Devour' is an Amazon Best Seller and is available on Amazon. If you're really interested in learning more, I'd be happy to send you a complimentary copy of the book.

In this book you'll discover:

  • What makes local businesses rank well on Google.
  • How content marketing plays a vital part in being found on Google.
  • How to create and execute a content marketing plan for your dental practice.
  • Much more...

Get your copy today on Amazon, or simply by emailing us at and we'll send you your free copy. Only eligable within the USA or Canada.