Free Dental SEO Report

Get The Facts About Your SEO with The Free Dental SEO Report

SEO can be a confusing area of marketing even for seasoned marketing professionals, leaving most practice owners at a loss for how their SEO is performing.

Why Dental SEO Is Vital For Your Clinics Growth

Did you know that organic search results are some of the highest converting traffic your website can get?  It's true!  We have years of experience taking our clients from page three or more on Google to the top of Google rankings.  It takes a systematic approach and time, but we do all the heavy lifting and the results are truly amazing for our dental clients.  So take a look at your Google Analytics and if your organic traffic isn't your top traffic source then you have a huge opportunity for growth before you.

Transparent SEO Reporting

Transparent Reporting Is Foundational At Dental Marketing Heroes.  We believe that knowledge is power and we want you to have more power to make wise marketing investment decisions for your practice.  This Free Dental SEO Report provides a glimpse into the health of your local search engine optimizations, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to take a much deeper more detailed look at your Total Online Presence, we've got a paid audit that gives you all the answers.  Click here for more info.

What You Get With The Free Dental SEO Report

There are numerous elements that impact your search engine rankings on Google.  In this Free Dental SEO Report you'll discover the following:

  • Website Authority
  • Links to your website
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Local Listings
  • Online Reviews
  • Google My Business
  • Onsite SEO Health
  • Social Channels

We Are Ranked A Top SEO Agency For A Reason

Award Winning SEO

Not only do we keep at the forefront of SEO technology, trends, tools, and education but we have been ranked a top SEO agency three years running.  We are SEO For Growth Certified, Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultants, and even wrote a book on local SEO.

Dental SEO Services

Our goal is to provide you, a great dental practitioner, with a competitive advantage that helps you grow your practice in such a way that the valuation of your clinic grows every year so that you have an asset of compounding value.  Here's how we can help you.

Dental Total Online Presence Audit

Total Online Presence Audit

As GI Joe used to say at the end of every cartoon, 'Knowing Is Half The Battle.'  The Total Online Presence Audit provides you with the data, insights, and recommendations you need to make smart marketing investment decisions.

SEO Blitz Service

Website SEO Blitz Service

If you have an existing website that you've recently invested in and you're not ready to build a new website than this service is perfect for you.  We will perform a SEO Blitz which will quickly get your existing website optimized and performing better.

Ongoing SEO Service

Ongoing SEO Service

SEO is part of your long game.  It takes ongoing investment and effort to consistently move your practice higher in the Google rankings.  The benefits are huge, the higher your rankings, the more visitors and leads you get.  We will do everything you need to move up the rankings on a continuous basis.

What Are You Waiting For?  Are You Ready To Crush Your Competition On Google?

I'm sure you have some questions, and that's OK.  We're all about educating and informing our clients, let's jump on a short call so we can answer your questions.