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Ranking at the top of Google has been every business’s aspiration since we all discovered that Google drives more traffic to websites than any other channel.  As smart devices have started to become more commonly found in North American homes over the last few years, it also means that these voice-activated devices have opened up a whole new form of search engine optimization (SEO).  Voice search isn’t the most popular form of search (yet), but it is becoming very important, and the strategies used to elevate your business in voice search will also help you in organic results on Google.

Staying ahead of the trends isn’t easy for busy dental practice owners, so we’ve compiled this Infographic of How to Optimize Your Dental Website For Voice Search

This infographic – ‘How To Optimize Your Site For Voice Search’ covers these 5 key tips:

  1. Answer A Question: A high percentage of voice searches are about questions people have related to local businesses, so be sure to answer common questions people ask you.
  2. Optimize For Long-Tail Keywords: You can’t always rank high for short keyphrases but long-tail keyphrases are a lot easier and often relate to local searches.
  3. Optimize For Local Searches: Standardizing your NAP listings, Google My Business and other online profiles can accelerate your progress in voice search.
  4. Use The Right Words: 20% of voice searches are triggered by the same 25 words, be sure to optimize your posts to include these keywords highlighted on this infographic.
  5. Speed Up Your Site: All things being equal, faster websites rank better on Google. Speed up your website and improve your ranking.

Here’s the infographic (click to enlarge):

Dental Marketing Infographic - How To Optimize Your Site For Voice Search

You Can Download A PDF Version Here (click on the icon):

PDF Download

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